Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yum or Yuk?!?!?!

!In my quest for better health and weight loss, I have decided to take small steps toward big results. My DH had an amazing idea several months ago to buy a Vita-Mix 5200 Blender. These blenders have a 7 year warranty and people continuously sing their praises about them. Unfortunately, my DH & I have only used it a few times after spending a small fortune (roughly $400) on it, but I decided to change that. I will be trying new (hopefully healthy)recipes!!!

In the past we have made great snow cones & slushies, milkshakes, & some protein shakes & smoothies. It really is powerful (2 horsepower motor) and did great on the few things that we tried, but my DH was becoming discouraged that we had paid so much for a "snow cone machine". I searched for more recipes (although, the blender did come with a wonderful hardbound cookbook), but I wanted to watch people in action. I found several videos of people making various things and got excited!!! Now, I am going to try to make something every day in the Vitamix!!! Yesterday, I cut up two large lemons (with peel still intact) and blend them with water for some lemonade!!! The verdict was not great at first because I forgot about sugar!!! (Insert sour face here...LOL) After adding the sugar and a couple strawberries it was much better!!! I had so much leftover that I decided to make whole fruit popsicles!!!! We will be trying them tonight!!!
This morning I used my Vitamix to make SCRAMBLED EGGS!!!!!!!!!!! I was so curious about this recipe so I did it!!!

                                                Vitamix Scrambled Eggs
6 Whole Eggs
1/4 C. Water
1/4 C. Milk
Salt & Pepper to taste
Cooking Spray
Shredded Cheese to garnish (optional)

Spray Blade with Cooking Spray. Start on Variable 1 & turn it to variable 10 quickly then on High. Let Blend for 8 minutes (steam will come out of the vented lid). Scrape out with Spatula, Garnish & Enjoy!!!

Steam Escaping from the lid!!!

The Result:
It was a ton of fun, but it was not my new favorite way to cook eggs. My kids, on the other hand, went crazy over them! They were a lot softer than your typical scrambled eggs which made it appealing for future baby food for Julia, but the older kids liked it, too! It was kind of messy (as you can see in the picture to the right) and we will probably stick to eggs on the stovetop, but the experience was worth it!!!

Kid approved!!!
I am not affiliated with Vita-Mix nor do I receive compensation from them.

I have not been trained as a doctor and the posts here are simply ideas that I am trying to implement in my own life. If you would like to use the advice here that is awesome, but please, please, please make sure you know your limitations so that you do not get hurt or die from taking my advice!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Tiny Visitor...

Tonight we had pretty rough weather and as a result this little guy wandered into our living room.

As I sat on the couch this evening, I saw this little guy hopping across the living room floor! Thankfully our kitty cat did not see him or he would not be alive today. He is also lucky that we did not step on him because he was so tiny!!! You could actually see through his skin! Of course, the kids went crazy and begged to keep him, but Daddy said no (and I agreed)  The poor thing would be much happier outside and so after a quick photo shoot & some laughter from the kids he went to the wilderness outside our front door!!!

We have been getting blessed with tree frog visitors that hang on our window to eat the bugs, but this was an extra special treat!!!

That is a real quarter next to him!!! Isn't he cute?!?!

"It's not easy being green!" -Kermit the Frog