Monday, August 2, 2010

More Vitamix Fun...

We did two more experiments over the weekend that were a ton of fun!!! We made cupcakes & apple-plum sauce/baby food!!!

I was just curious what would happen if you mixed a box of cake mix in the Vitamix. So I did it. Would it change the flavor???? I was hoping to get some secret amazing flavor that could only come from blending it...

Doesn't it look like it has the glow of Heaven...LOL!!!


  • It was extremely easy to pour the mix into the individual cups.
  • It did warm them as it blended them so I could eat the batter without fear of raw eggs.
  • The batter seemed fluffier.
  • The cleanup was super easy!!!! (Just a few drops of soap and a couple cups of water, turn on the Vitamix for a couple minutes & rinse. I think the cleanup is what is so great!!!)
  • Cupcakes seemed to need less time to cook!!!
  • They tasted great when they came out!!!

  • They still tasted like cupcakes instead of some expensive French dessert :)
  • I only had one box!!!

One of my favorite taste testers!!!
Overall, the Vitamix made some yummy cupcakes, but I am sure that you could do well with another appliance. For our family, I will continue to use the Vitamix for cake mixing until I get a Kitchenaid Stand Up Mixer (my dream appliance)

Apple-Plum Sauce/Baby Food

I am very pleased to see that making baby food for My little JuJuBee will be simple in the Vitamix!!! I had a few granny smith apples & two plums so I made a wonderful apple-plum sauce!!!
 I cored the apples & de-pitted the plums, threw them in the blender with a little water & voila!!!! I threw in a little cinnamon & maple syrup for sweetness. It smelled AWESOME!!! The kids enjoyed it, but I am used to too much sugar in my apple sauce. I really am trying to break my sugar addiction, but it is easier said than done!!! I put two small containers in the freezer for when the baby gets old enough to eat them. I have to say that this was the easiest way to make applesauce & when my sugar addiction is over I can see myself eating this often!!!

 Apple-Plum Sauce:
4 small Granny Smith Apples
2 Black Plums
3oz water
Dash of Cinnamon
Maple Syrup or other sweetener as desired

-Core the apples with an apple corer

-De-pit the Plums & cut plum in quarters

-Pour 3oz water & then layer fruit
-Throw in a dash of Cinnamon & sweetener

-Blend to the desired consistency

-Put in fridge to cool or eat warm!!!


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