Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Year Since Tragedy Struck...

This is my dear young cousin Carly.  She was beautiful and very sweet.  One year ago today she passed away.  I miss her very much and couldn't stop thinking about her all day today. She truly has been unforgetable.  My family had never experienced death outside of elderly family members.  Carly had just celebrated her 24th birthday the evening prior to her death and left behind two beautiful baby boys.  Aren't they precious?  I know that they will always be told about their mother, but it is heartbreaking to think of babies not having their mother to love and guide them through the years. 

I saw Carly last at another cousin's wedding and before that at her baby shower for her older son. At the wedding we kept talking about how we needed to get together, but that never happened.  (I live a few hours away from my hometown)  For the longest time I beat myself up over this, but ultimately this is what happens to us.  We never know whose funeral will be the next which we attend and it could even be our own. It's so important to tie up loose ends.  Say and do all that you feel you need to before you do not get the opportunity.  I am so grateful to have known and loved my dear cousin.  I wish that I hadn't taken her for granted.  I had so many opportunities to pop her an email and never did. Today is a wonderful opportunity to just pop a "hello" email to those loved ones that you always seem to put on the back burner.  You'll be happy that you did!!!
That's me & Carly when life was still so innocent!!!


  1. Hi Ann Marie,

    What a touching and heartbreaking post. Carly's eyes are so beautiful and her babies are precious. I am choked up after reading about your dear loved one. May I ask how she passed? No problem if you aren't comfortable telling a stranger the cause death.
    I am your newest follower through Bloggy Moms. Thanks for grabbing my button! I will grab your and put it on my blog roll on my left sidebar!
    God bless,

  2. Unfortunately, she had a little too much to drink at her birthday party and got sick from it. It was shocking to the whole family, but her memory lives on through her precious little guys!!! Thanks for grabbing my button!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing part of Carly's life and story with me and your readers. Her children are beautiful!
    I voted for you today on the picket fence button! My blog is on the fence too in the Food and Teaching/Homeschooling categories.

    Have a blessed day!